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Nortel Phone User? This Affects You!

As of 1st October 2015 no Electronic Licences can be generated for your BCM50 or 450 because Avaya cease support. This means that you won't be able to change configurations or expand your phone system after that date. This is an important change and you need to ensure you understand all of your options.

  • Option 1

    If you need to expand or change configurations we have literally hundreds of BCM50 Control Units all models and versions so we can generally provide one with the Licences you need. This stock won't be available forever though.

  • Option 2

    If your BCM Phone System fails we have all versions of Hard Drive, so can normally regenerate your existing system.

  • Option 3

    Take advantage of our FREE PHONE SYSTEM offer we have going - make savings and become fully future proof. Take a look at our Hosted PBX or SIP offerings with built in fixed line backup or just save money by letting us take over your lines and calls and have just a single point of reference. Call Us on 1800 90 90 99 Now!

  • Option 4

    You can keep all your existing phones and upgrade to an Avaya IP Office. Upgrade to the latest technology gradually and cost effectively. What can Avaya offer me? Watch this video to find out.

  • Option 5

    You can upgrade to a New or Refurbished System. Choose from Avaya, Panasonic, NEC or Samsung and we will buy back your old system and phones to reduce your capital outlay. Call Us on 1800 90 90 99 Now!