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Matrix Multi-Port VOIP-FXO-FXS Gateway GTP-MX-00202

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The Matrix Multi-Port VOIP-FXO-FXS Gateway GTP-MX-00202 is a range of multi-channel VOIP – FXO and FXS Gateways. VFX series offers multiple FXO/FXS Gateways to connect TDM based telephony infrastructure to an IP network. For organizations that have already migrated to IP, SETU VFX provides POTS trunking option. Ideal for legacy TDM phone systems, these Gateways offer access to new generation VOIP and the benefits of low-cost long-distance calls.

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The Matrix Multi-Port VOIP-FXO-FXS Gateway GTP-MX-00202 provides POTS (CO) network access for IP Phone Systems and Softswitches for local area connectivity. SETU VFX series supports up to 32 VOIP channels, Fax over IP support and flexible dialing plans. The dedicated signal processing resources and a superior protocol set ensures multiple call capabilities with toll-grade voice quality. SETU VFX – VOIP-FXS and FXO Gateways enable small and medium businesses to create a seamless office environment, integrate a traditional phone system into an IP network, and significantly reduce communication costs. Plus, SETU VFXTH also enables large organizations to connect branch offices dispersed globally for Site-to-Site IP Telephony. This in turn reduces communication costs and helps them utilize existing telecom infrastructure.


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This item comes with a 24-months manufacturer's warranty.


• Call detail records of 2,000 Calls
• Caller ID presentation of the analog station
• Emergency number dialling
• Fax Over IP (T.38 and Pass-through)
• Hotline extension setting
• Make and receive calls using analog terminals over the IP network
• Port forwarding and DMZ
• PSTN pass-through port to make calls over POTS during IP network outage
• Restrict unwanted calls with a list of denied numbers
• SNMP monitoring
• TR-069 auto-configuration
• VOIP security over SRTP/TLS encryption
• Web-based configuration and management


Data Network SETU VFXTH: 1 Port 10/100 Base-T (RJ45)
Data Network SETU VF: 2 Port 10/100 Base-T (RJ45)
VoIP Protocol: SIPv2, SDP, RTP (RFC 2833)
Network Protocol: IPv4, TCP, UDP, PPPoE, DHCP Server & Client, SNTP, NAT, STUN, HTTP, DynDNS, Port Forwarding and DMZ
Voice Codecs: G.711 A/µ-Law, G.723.1, G.729AB, iLBC, GSM-FR
Line Echo Cancellation: G.168 with 128ms Tail Length
Voice Processing Techniques: Dynamic Jitter Buffer (Adaptive), Comfort Noise Generation (CNG), Voice Activity Detection (VAD)
Fax over IP (FoIP): T.38 and Pass-Through
Quality of Service (QoS): Layer 3 DiffServ and ToS
Security: SRTP/TLS over SIP
Signaling: Loop Start
Connector: RJ11
Life Line Support: 1 (SETU VFX404 and SETU VFX808)
Loop Limit: 1200W
DTMF Dialling & Reception: ITU-T Q.23 and Q.24
CLI Reception: DTMF, FSK ITU-T V.23 and FSK Bellcore 202, TEL URI
Return Loss: >18dB
Call Maturity: Delay and Polarity Reversal
SETU VFXTH Power Supply: 24V DC, 2.5A
SETU VFX Power Supply: 12V DC, 2A


• 1 x Matrix Multi-Port VOIP-FXO-FXS Gateway GTP-MX-00202
• User Guide

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