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Overture HN408-CP-1E High-Speed Ethernet Modem Z0419130315

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The Overture HN408-CP-1E provides a comprehensive, user-friendly command-line interface (CLI), SNMP, for alarming and remote management, a fully-featured Element Management System (EMS), and an embedded Web Manager that requires no client software - all of which can be accessed over an in-band or out-of-band IP interface.

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The Overture HN408-CP-1E implements the IEEE standard for Ethernet OAM, with extensions to facilitate deployment and simplify remote management, while maintaining full interoperability with existing Ethernet switches, routers and Ethernet ADMs. The HN400 series quickly and economically delivers managed, symmetrical bandwidth and services at rates of up to 15 Mbps per pair over outside plant copper utilizing standards-based 2BASE-TL technology (Ethernet over Bonded Copper). It also offers a powerful successor to T1's... reaching much greater distances without repeaters, yielding a 7+ factor improvement in speed, with greater reliability at a lower cost.


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• Extending High-BAndwidth Ethernet Services to Sites With No Access to Fiber
• Mulitple Models Increase Deployment Flexibility And Lower OPEX
• Low-Cost, Market-Entry Solution Provides Quick ROI and Scalable Growth
• Easy to Deploy And Manage
• Guaranteed Services and Multiple SLAs Per Customer


- 2, 4 or 8 pair copper variants
- IEEE 802.3ah, 2BASE-TL, ITU-T G.991.2.bis (Annex A, B, F &G). ANSI T1.417
- Spectral compliance and UK ANFP Spectral compliance via RJ-21. Sealing current applied to all copper pairs
Operation Deployment Efficiencies:
- Pair Identification via Tone Generation and Opens/Shorts
- Time Domain Reflectometer
- Prequalify a loop to determine the suitability for, and expected ƒperformance of, the intended service
- Detect cable damage (e.g. cuts) without the need to dispatch to the ƒremote site
- Detect both powered and unpowered CPE unit
ƒEthernet & Routing Features:
- DHCP server, NAT firewall, ACLs, Static Routes, RIPv2
- IGMP Snooping
- 802.1d Bridging
- 802.1q VLANs, VLAN stacking (aka Q-in -Q), S-VLAN
- 802.1p Prioritization
- 802.3x Flow Control and pause frames
- MAC Filtering
- All Ethernet Ports perform auto-negotiation, Full or half duplex
- VLAN Tag ID writing, stacking, stripping, and re-writing and
- VLAN Bundling and VLAN Pruning
- RFC 791 IP, RFC 792 ICMP, RFC 793 TCP, RFC 768 UDP, RFC 826 ARP, RFC 1122 Host
- RequirementsAuto/Manual MDI/MDIX
- Local Switching between Ethernet Ports
- 1600 Byte MTU
Traffic Management:
- 8 COS Classifications Mapped to 4 Queues
- Queue management using Customizable Weighted Fair Queuing
- Strict Priority, and Combination
- COS based upon 802. 1p, VLAN ID (802. 1q), DSCP, and fixed per port
- Traffic Policing with dual leaky bucket algorithm
- Traffic Rate Shaping
- Broadcast, Multicast, and Unknown Storm Control
- Compact 1 RU size, full front access
- Dimensions: Width 8.5" (216mm); Height: 1.38" (35mm); Depth: 9.08" (231mm)
- Weight: 3.0 lbs (1.36 kg)
Management, Security, and Diagnostics:
- Craft Interface RS-232 via RJ-45 connector
- Imbedded Web GUI (Web Manager), Command Line Interface
- Telnet (client and server)
- FTP and TFTP
- RFC 1155 TCP/IP management
- IEEE 802.3ah OAM
- SNTPv3 - Time Synchronization
- Error logging and SNMP Trap alarms based on GR-474-CORE and GR-883-CORE
- Management IP Access Control List
- Audit Log, Event Log, Boot Log, and Syslog
- Link Trace, Ping, L2 Ping, Trace Route
- Test TCP, Link Loss Forwarding
- Auto Discovery
- IEEE 801ag CFM
- CLEI Coded
- Traffic Generator/Monitor
- Power 14 Watts typical at -48 VDC with Redundant Feeds
- Optional AC/DC 120/240 power supply (both variants available)
- Input Voltage: -48V
- Environmentally hardened with extended temperature range, -40°C (-40°F) to +75°C (+167°F), per GR-3108 Class 2 and ETSI 300 019 T3.5
- Storage and Transportation Temperature: -40C (-40F) to +70C (+158F)
- Operating Humidity: 5% to 85%, per GR-63
- Storage and Transportation Humidity: 5% to 95% non-condensing


• Overture HN408-CP-1E High Speed Ethernet Modem Z0419130315

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