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BT ISDN Telephone System with Four BT V8 Telephones

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Manufacturer Part Number :Versatility

Warranty :15 Months


This particular BT Telephone System offers 2 ISDN lines and 4 V8 Featurephones, a Versatility CCU and 2 ISDN2 Line Cartridge. This is an example package for four users, please call us if you would like us to design you a Phone System to suit your requirements perfectly.


• 1 x BT Telephone System
• 2 x ISDN2 Line Cartridges
• 4 x BT V8 Telephone Base
• 4 x BT V8 Handpiece
• 4 x New Curly Cord
• 4 x New Line Cord
• 4 x BT V8 Base Stand

This particular BT Telephone System offers 2 ISDN lines and 4 V8 Featurephones, a Versatility CCU and 2 ISDN2 Line Cartridges, however, it can be expanded up to 40 users. Buy the Analogue version of this Phone System here >>

This is an example package for four users, please call us if you would like us to design you a Phone System to suit your business requirements perfectly.

If you would prefer a quote via email please Use our Phone System Quote Tool >>

We can provide System Maintenance and Support Services for your Phone System. See details >>

BT Versatility Telephone System Information
The BT Versatility Telephone System is an ideal choice for the small to medium business. It comes configured as 0x8 and, with the addition of ports modules , it can be expanded to up to 40 extensions and 6 lines of ISDN2 or 8 lines of analogue and it will even allow you to use up to 15 lines of ISDN30. The system represents true value for money offering many high end features for a price that will match almost any budget. The system is still a current offering from BT meaning that you can be assured of support for many years.
The system is compatible with a great range of highly featured phones. The V8 and V16 phones both offer full key and lamp facility as well as a fully menu driven feature list. Traditionally these have been sold as operator phones but with these feature phones now available for a very reasonable price they are becoming the phone of choice. There are also a lower priced range of phones available. The MK1 and MK2 feature phones will both also work very well with the system but will limit your access to some of the system’s features. We also stock a really good range of simple phones that integrate well with the system. If you have a tight budget these are well worth considering as it will significantly reduce the cost of your investment.
Three Voicemail Modules are available for the Versatility Telephone System, 2 port 2 hour recording, 4 port 4 hour recording and an 8 port 20 hour module. The 8 port also includes an option for adhoc call recording. This module also has the Auto Attendant feature on it and this will allow you to route your calls straight to the correct extension. You can customise this with your own voice. All of the Voicemail Modules will also integrate with the handsets via both a broken tone and a message light to indicate a new message.
With the addition of a Broadband Module you can add 2 VoIP phones to the system and if you need more than 2 then a Broadband + module, which will allow you to connect up to 12 remote IP extensions, is needed. The benefit of these phones is that as long as you have a fixed IP address you can make calls just by plugging the VoIP phone into your router anywhere in the world.
For the custom touch you can have your own music played to your customers. To do this all you need is an internal Music on Hold Module and a music source. If you don’t want this feature then you can use hold music which is built in to the system.
This system is packed with features like speed dials, transfer calls to outer extensions, call hold, deflecting calls to voicemail, night service, group diverts, easy to set up ring groups, hunt groups, head set button, internal and external conference calls, cli store, paging, LCR, auto answer, background music, do not disturb, extension lock, day night and weekend service, individual voicemail boxes, system voice mail box for either information only or voice recording and a courtesy service.
With the addition of the Hospitality Software this system is also ideal for use in small to medium sized guest houses or hotels. It enables you to check your guests in and out and prepare phone bills at the checkout stage. A serial printer or connection to a PC with hyper terminal configured would be needed along with a Programming Lead.
This system is quite simple to install and relatively simple to program. We have an in house support team as well as bespoke maintenance packages that you will find useful. See our Installation and Maintenance page for more information.

System Technical Specification

ISDN 2 Lines
max 6 ISDN2e
ISDN 30 Lines
max 15 Channels
Analogue Lines
max 12 Loop calling lines
Extension Capacity
up to 40 Feature phones, up to 40 standard 2-wire apparatus, max 8 V16 XP console – additional
Extension Loop Resistance
67 ohms (0.4 km) 4-wire Feature Phones, 336 ohms (2 km) Standard Telephone
Extension REN
2 (up to a system max. REN of 40) with a maximum of 16 extensions ringing for a single call
Central Bell
may be connected to any extension on the system
Extension Cabling
standard 4 wire twisted pair 0.5 mm2
Central Control Unit (CCU) 008
HxWxD: 390mm x 295mm x 160mm
Maximum Capacity System 15+40 CCU
HxWxD: 390mm x 595mm x 160mm
Growth: customers should allow for growth of system to maximum size when positioning CCU on the wall.
Battery Back-up (where fitted)
12 V/7.2 AH
Mains Supply Voltage
230V ± 10% @ 50 Hz

Maximum Power Consumption
350VA Standard 2-wire Telephone Signalling
DTMF with Timed Break recall
Voicemail Capacities
40 Individual User Mailboxes
10 Phantom Voice Boxes
20 Group Boxes
1 System Mailbox (answering machine)
2 Port: 2 Hours Messaging Capacity
8 Port: 20 Hours Messaging Capacity
Maximum Message Length - defaults at 1 minute but is programmable up to 5 minutes
Music On Hold
Internal & External calls, music or tone

More Information
More Information


A Grade - Excellent condition. Excellent condition. This phone has been sanitized and professionally refurbished. Curly cords and line cord are replaced with new.


This item comes with 15 month warranty.

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