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Ericsson DBC 212 Digital Telephone Black

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Manufacturer Part Number :DBC212

Warranty :15 Months


The Ericsson DBC212 is a digital telephone that features LCD display, 15 function keys with LED indicators and 4 dual purpose keys for user programming


• Ericsson DBC212 Telephone Base
• Ericsson DBC212 Handpiece
• New Curly Cord
• New Line Cord
• Ericsson DBC212 Base Stand

The Ericsson DBC212 Telephone is a digital phone which offers a 2x20 character display, an integrated handsfree function and 15 function keys along with a host of additional telephony features. In addition, it can be used as a conference phone which enables up to 6 people to communicate.


• Display - 2x20 character display screen
• Function Keys - 15, 12 of which have LED indicators
• Programming / Speed Dial - 4 dual purpose keys
• Handsfree - integrated handsfree function
• 2 Line Keys
• Call Forward
• Call Transfer


• Ericsson DBC50 Telephone System
• Ericsson DBC250 Telephone System

Questions about this product? Please call 01903 785727.

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A Grade - Excellent condition. Excellent condition. This phone has been sanitized and professionally refurbished. Curly cords and line cord are replaced with new.


This item comes with 15 month warranty.

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