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At The Telecom Shop we recognise that your business is unique, so we tailor our services to your requirements.

Call Rates

These will vary dependent on the lines you choose to use.
We have call Packages available should you wish to budget your telecoms spend, please just advise our customer service representative of the number of minutes you expect to use each month for local and National Calls and standard UK mobile calls.

Or if you like value for money then our standard tariffs are billed per second with no minimum spend, rounding or call setup charges. So, you only pay for what you use.

Local & National Calls


Per Per Minute

Under 1 Pence*

3.5 Pence*

*All calls are billed per second with no minimum call charges.

Packages are available on request.

Line Rental

The decision on which line to use has a large bearing on the services that are available to you as a business. At the Telecom Shop we understand not only how these lines work with your equipment but also the advantages and limitations each have for your business both now and in the future.

With BT Announcing they will be suspend the use of ISDN lines by 2025 in the UK, understanding how to future proof your phone numbers will be an important factor you will need to consider.

We show our customers how to not only trial the new services risk free but also take advantage of the improved features at no extra cost. In fact we usually end up saving our customers over 25% in call charges.

Analogue Lines

ISDN2 Lines

ISDN30 Lines

SIP Trunks

Per Month Per Line

From £12.00




Broadband from £18 per month

Fibre from only £32 per month

Key Benefits
  • We use only tier-one carriers to ensure business-class call quality.

  • We work exclusively for businesses and recognise your requirement for an enhanced level of customer service. At The Telecom Shop we will ensure that your enquiries are resolved quickly and efficiently with just one call to our customer services department.

  • We make it easy to manage your telecommunication service. We can provide your monthly bill on paper, online or by email together with a range of analysis tools so you can understand your call profile.

  • We offer a range of Call Barring options so you can choose to block unwanted outgoing calls and manage fraud.

  • Transferring to The Telecom Shop is a seamless "zero touch" transfer - you will not need to install hardware or dial a prefix to benefit from cost-savings.

  • Our services work with your existing equipment, telephone numbers and telephone lines, the change you will notice are the monthly cost savings.

  • Our services are billed on a single convenient monthly invoice.

  • Most businesses make a lot of short calls, The Telecom Shop offers tailored tariffs to benefit your call profile, not someone else's.

Cutting Line Rental Costs

In addition to making cheaper calls, you can also benefit from switching your line rental supplier to The Telecom Shop. Businesses all sizes can benefit from a complete, convenient line rental package that can make you healthly savings over your normal charges.

For a detailed analysis or to discuss your requirements then please call us on 0800 021 4433

Prices quoted exclusive of VAT at the current rate.