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Meridian Norstar M7310 Telephone In Black NT8B22AA-03

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Manufacturer :Nortel

Condition :Refurbished



The Meridian M7310 - NT8B22AA-03 is an extremely versatile telephone. It has a wide range of call handling features including 12 dual function memory buttons which provide the facility for quick access to up to 24 of the most regularly used additional features or autodials.

The M7310 can be used on the Compact plus, and BCM50 Systems. There is a good choice of M series phones including the M7000, M71000, M7208, M7324.

The Meridian Norstar M7310 Phone is ideal for group answering positions, such as secretaries, managers, professionals, and Norstar system administrators with or without a BLF. Businesses requiring extensive autodialling and feature access would also benefit from using this terminal.

The Meridian Norstar M7310 is useful for departments such as purchasing, sales or accounting, where the same suppliers, customers or accounts are frequently called. For secretaries the Meridian Norstar M7310 and BLF can provide backup answering services. Norstar system administration is made easy using the Meridian Norstar M7310. The Nortel Meridian Norstar M7310 is the most versatile telephone in the Norstar range.


12 Programmable Keys - programmable by user as internal autodial, external autodial or features.
All have paper inserts for personalising individual telephones.
24 Functions - by programming additional functions / autodial numbers into the same 12 keys by using triangle/shift key.
10 Line / Feature Keys Split Screen - shows time and date when receiver is down.
When receiver lifted it shows the commands which are active when buttons are pressed.
The contrast on the screen is adjustable so that individual users can ensure it is suits their needs.
Volume Control - to adjust receiver and speaker volume.
Handsfree Function