VoIP Phone System Hosted Cloud PBX - Silver Plan

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Buy a VoIP Phone System

A Complete VoIP Phone System
VoIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol. It enables you to make calls over your Broadband Line. You do not need any other lines for VoIP unless you are a very high data user then you may need two Broadband Lines, one for voice and one for data.

Savings to be made over Traditional Systems-

-Low set up costs. VoIP Systems are significantly cheaper than Traditional Systems. Traditional Systems require Cards and Licences to enable full functionality. VoIP has all the features in the cloud.
-VoIP allows you to make free calls between your sites.
-One or two Broadband Lines are all you need for VoIP so you can cancel any other phone lines.

VoIP is Highly Flexible-

-Fully and easily expandable
-Should you relocate your phone numbers will go with you, meaning you will never have to change phone numbers again.
-You can use your Mobile Phone, Computer or Tablet to make and receive calls as you would your office phone retaining your office phone number.
-Should you go abroad you can either take a VoIP phone with you and plug into a router or use your Mobile Phone, Computer or Tablet.
You can can use any of these as if you were in the office.
-The system can be set up to route calls anywhere.

An initial payment will be required when you purchase, by Credit or Debit card, followed by monthly payments which will be payable via Direct Debit.
You will pay for one month up front (£5 ex VAT per Phone Service Cost included at checkout) before completing a Direct Debit form and returning it to us. Orders will be processed during working hours. The Direct Debit form will be emailed to you once your order has been received.

The Telecom Shop's Hosted IP PBX Service Silver Plan is perfect to get your business connected to a reliable, high quality cloud based phone system. The Silver Plan enables businesses to break free from the geographical limitations found in traditional fixed line solutions and overcome operational challenges presented by multiple locations and remote workers.

The Telecom Shop's Silver Plan Hosted PBX VoIP is £5 + VAT per month per handset and includes the following features:

Music On Hold
Custom Ring Tones for Different Users
Free Calls Between your Multiple Offices
Caller ID
Voicemail to email
Call Recording
Call Forwarding
Remote Users
DND (Do Not Disturb)
Instant Call Control
Call Screening
Call Transfer

Please note that you will need to be using a compatible router and your order will be subject to a credit check. We will contact you after purchase or please call us for more information. This item is excluded from Next Day Delivery due to configuration and set up required.

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