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How to Choose a Headset for an Office Phone

As you have probably noticed there are a lot of headset options to choose from which can make it confusing as to which one to choose – we are here to help you decide!

The following questions are to help you make an informed decision for a headset that best meets your needs.

  • Do you work in a noisy environment?

    Consider the Noise-Cancelling Microphone and a Binaural Styles (two ear) for noisy offices. These will greatly increase your ability to focus on the call 100%.

  • Don’t like something over your hair? Over the ear or behind the neck Headsets will suit you in that case

    Try an Over the Ear model or the Behind the Neck model to avoid tangling the cord when taking off the headset.

  • Miss calls when you're away from your desk? Never again!

    Look into Wireless Headsets. They not only give you the ability to be handsfree and wirefree, but when paired with a Handset Lifter. allows you to wirelessly answer calls away from your desk!
    Grab a tea or coffee without missing that call! Win win!

  • Do you need to keep taking off your headset during the day?

    Over the Head models are easiest to take off and put on. The In-the-Ear models are probably inappropriate as they require a few moments to fit comfortably.

The world of Headsets can be a little confusing as particular phones work with particular headsets and wired headsets require specific bottom leads. Use these compatibility checkers you can find the headsets that work with your equipment - easily!

-For Plantronics Headsets - For GN Netcom/Jabra

Remember - we have trained specialists on hand to answer any questions you may have. Just give us a call on 1800 90 90 99 and we'll happily run through the options available to you and help you find the model that matches your particular environment and existing equipment.