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BT Versatility 40 Port Telephone System - LR5800 41000

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Manufacturer :BT

Condition :Refurbished

Warranty :15 Months



The BT Versatility 40 Port CCU. This system can use either ISDN2 or Analogue Lines (using the relevant Line Cards) and is pre-configured to support up to 8 extensions. However, with the addition of expansion Ports Modules, this system can support up to 40 extensions. A true value for money telephone control unit that is packed with features. The system is considered to be the most reliable small business system on the market. All of our systems come loaded with the latest firmware version. This is a very simple system to install and can be very easily expanded. There is a great choice of phones for this system including the V8, V16 and the V Phone. It is also possible to run any SLT telephone on this system. The system is amongst the most versatile available allowing connection of Analogue, ISDN2 or even ISDN30. We also sell the ‘System Packs’ with phones and line cards in our telephone system section.


•It can grow from 8 extensions to 40 using the relevant Ports Modules.
•Up to 4 analogue lines can be added to base system and, up to 12 can be added using the relevant Ports Modules.
•Up to 2 ISDN2 lines can be added to base system 4 Channels of Voice and, up to 12 Channels can be added using the relevant Ports Modules.
•Up to 12 Channels of ISDN30 lines can be added to base system.
•Choose from an impressive range of great feature phones, plus a powerful, easy to use expansion console.
•You have a choice of 50 different handling features and these can vary on each of your company’s phones.
•Voicemail can make sure you never miss a call and, enable your business to take messages after the office is closed.
•It is possible to mix ISDN lines and Analogue lines.
•The integrated helpdesk facility makes it easy for the smallest of businesses to implement customer relationship management services such as customer care, technical support, telesales, order taking and reservation lines.
•The Internet Module transforms the BT Versatility into a sophisticated e-business tool, smart enough to manage all your communications today and tomorrow. Everyone can enjoy ‘always on’ internet access at broadband speed.
•The specialised hospitality module makes the BT Versatility the perfect answer for guest houses, small hotels, accountants and agencies. In fact, anyone who needs to bill individual clients.
•The BT Versatility keeps business moving even when there’s no mains power. The digital system includes a one hour battery backup. Should you need more, we have a range of uninterruptible power supply units providing up to four hours standby.
•The Voicemail will allow you to use auto attendant facilities e.g. press 1 for sales.
•The 8 port Voicemail will allow you to ad-hoc record calls.