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VoIP Hosted PBX

VoIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol. It enables you to make calls over your Broadband Line. You do not need any other lines for VoIP unless you are a very high data user then you may need two Broadband Lines, one for voice and one for data.

Savings to be made over Traditional Systems
  • Low set up costs. VoIP Systems are significantly cheaper than Traditional Systems. Traditional Systems require Cards and Licences to enable full functionality. VoIP has all the features in the cloud.

  • VoIP allows you to make free calls between your sites.

  • One or two Broadband Lines are all you need for VoIP so you can cancel any other phone lines.

VoIP is Highly Flexible
  • Fully and easily expandable

  • Should you relocate your phone numbers will go with you, meaning you will never have to change phone numbers again.

  • You can use your Mobile Phone, Computer or Tablet to make and receive calls as you would your office phone retaining your office phone number.

  • Should you go abroad you can either take a VoIP phone with you and plug into a router or use your Mobile Phone, Computer or Tablet. You can can use any of these as if you were in the office.

  • The system can be set up to route calls anywhere.

No hidden costs With Plans starting at only £5 per month (see below) what you see is really what you get with our Hosted VoIP Phone System, leaving you to decide which phones to chose. We recommend Yealink Phones, for example the Yealink T22 or the Yealink T28. However we also support Snom, Grandstream, Fanvil, Polycom, Panasonic and Cisco SPA SIP Phones.

Hosted PBX Phone System Quote

What you See is What you Get with our Hosted VoIP
  • Feature:
    Silver Plan
    Gold Plan
    Platinum Plan
    SIP Trunks and 3CX
    Typical Tradition
  • Any UK area code anywhere
  • Music on Hold
    Extra Cost
  • Custom Ring Tones for Different Numbers
  • Multiple Offices
    Extra Cost
  • Auto Attendant/IVR
    Extra Cost
  • Caller ID
  • Web Based Administration
  • Call Monitor (listen in)
    Extra Cost
  • Call Queue
    Extra Cost
  • Follow me Facility/Find me
    Extra Cost
  • Voice to email
    Extra Cost
  • Voicemail
    Extra Cost
  • Call Recording
  • Call Forward
  • Call Logging
  • Remote Users
  • DND (do not disturb)
  • Conference Facility
    Extra Cost
  • Instant Call Control
    Extra Cost
  • Call Screening
    Extra Cost
  • Day/Night routing mode
  • Call Transfer
  • Local Calls
  • 1000 Standard UK Mobile minutes *
  • ONLY £5
    Per Month
    ONLY £7.50
    Per Month
    ONLY £10
    Per Month
* 5 Seats Minimum required 
**Typical traditional systems tend to have these features as extra add ons or cannot support.