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Broadband Services


Broadband and VoIP are much maligned terms but vital services for modern-day telecommunications. Having a single point of contact for both these services means you no longer have your VoIP provider blaming Broadband and your Broadband Provider blaming your VoIP service.

Let’s start with broad definitions. Broadband is effectively a high-speed connection to the internet. The emphases are on high-speed as it can range from 1Mbps to 100+ Mbps.

Broadband is available in a multitude of flavours


Uses the existing telephone network via a phone socket filter, and a microfilter to convert the phone line into two separate signals, one for telephone and one for internet access. If you are using this for VOIP it is widely recommended you have a separate service just for Voice.



Fibre-optic cable broadband transfers data using a system of fibre-optic cables laid underground, which means that they're able to deliver faster broadband than phone line cables, which tend to be made of copper. As the throughput is generally higher and more stable you may be able to have a single service for both voice and data but speak with your provider first as your data usage and what speeds you actually get may negate this.


Satellite or line of Site

Predominantly used in rural areas where there's no ADSL or cable broadband service available. Despite extremely fast broadband now supplied across the UK, it is focused specifically on highly populated areas. Line of Sight Broadband (Also known as Fixed Wireless Broadband) allows businesses in areas that aren’t adequately supplied by businesses such as BT and Virgin to have speeds that rival that of the ‘big’ suppliers. Line of Sight literally means line of sight. If your business is visible from the mast that supplies the internet, you can have a super-fast connection. However, whilst this works great for data – voice is a little more tricky as the settings may not be suitable. Once again check with your Supplier for more specifics.



The name suggests this is a data service provided by a Mobile provider via a SIM card or dongle. Once again check with the service provider to ensure compatibility with your VoIP provider.



(Fibre to the Premises) – in areas that support FTTC (Fibre to the cabinet), you can order Generic Ethernet Access over Fibre to the Premise. That is a cable installed by Openreach to enable superfast speeds up to 1Gbps (1000Mbps). It costs more but the results!!!



Generic term for Voice services Provided over the Internet Protocol (if you were wondering?) This covers terms such as hosted voice, SIP trunking and many others and effectively works by plugging in a compatible phone or phone system into a compatible router. See our VoIP page for more information