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Everyone wants the freedom offered by wireless headsets, but wired varieties still have their benefits. As they are plug and play, this makes them easy and convenient to use as no setup required.

We are proud to represent a range of leading headset manufacturers including our very own Telecom Shop headsets, Agent, Avaya, Cisco, Jabra/GN Netcomm, Lenovo, Polaris, Poly/Plantronics, Sennheiser, Yealink, Logitech, Kensington and ASUS, whether for business or personal use.

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Freedom of movement provided by a wireless headset can be very appealing; the battery dying during a vital customer call or listening to your favourite music may be somewhat less attractive.

Advantages of Wired Headsets.

• Sound travelling through a wired headset is clearer and less prone to interference..
• Plug and play – easy and convenient to use as no setup required.
• Wired headsets have their own power supply via the cable and operate continuously for as long as necessary. The operation time of wireless headsets are limited; eventually, you'll need to replace the batteries or recharge the headset.
• Wired headsets are usually less expensive than wireless headsets. However, depending on what you are using the headsets for, they both have their pros and cons.
• The connections on wired headsets are more reliable since they don't rely on wireless connections which can sometimes become unstable.
• The main hesitation when considering a wired model is that it is less mobile than other options. However, it is less likely to have its signal interrupted, meaning that sound quality is sure to stay at a high level.
• Wireless headsets are more prone to electronic interference than wired headsets. Because wired headsets are connected directly to a computer, they face none of these interference issues.

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